John Blois bio

John BloisJohn MacKay Blois, garden designer with a preference for Japanese & Water gardens, has been building gardens for over twenty-five years. A deep love and reverence for nature fostered by a lifetime apprenticeship amongst the rocks, trees, and streams of his native Connecticut woods are what he considers to be his prime credentials.

His company Stamford Landscaping has been engaged in full service design-build landscaping since 1982.

John received his Arborist license in 1988 from the University of Connecticut and is a member of The Connecticut Tree Protective Association. He feels a working knowledge of trees is an essential requisite of the garden design-build paradigm.

In 1994 John was befriended byTadashi Hara, a Kyoto temple gardener in Nagano, Japan. John returned to Japan many times to work and study under his sensei, furthering his knowledge of traditional Japanese garden building. This unique relationship provides additional resources not typically found in this country.

From a winding path of weathered stepping stones to slow a visitor’s pace, or a spring fed water basin to cleanse away your worries, John’s attention to detail can profoundly transform any space. Wabi Sabi is his byword.

  • John brings musubi, or decorative knot tying, back from Japan to make this yotsume gaki fence.
  • John in Nagano
    In the tradition of Sensei and Seito, John travels to Nagano, Japan to study under his mentor Tadashi Hara.
  • John with sensei
    John performs under the watchful eye of Sensei.